Available Services


Strolling magic

Who better than an award-winning close-up magician to provide strolling entertainment at your event? Strolling magic is a perfect way to break the ice of any social setting. Your guests will never forget the magic they saw and will get to keep unique souvenirs from these intimate performances to remind them of your event for a very long time!

Strolling Magic also known as Walk Around Magic, is where Victor Le’Yon provides a comfortable and fun atmosphere by interacting up close with just a few people at a time and presents an impressive and comedic range of magic for all your guest - Prices start as low as $99/hr and is the most flexible service Victor offers.


full length shows

Victor provide shows for a variety of different types of events and can come complete with sound, music, audience participation, visual award-winning magic tricks, comedy driven themes, motivational messages and more. Each show is tailored to the audience in attendance as well as the type of event making no two shows the same.

UNIQUE shows

From variety shows to holiday shows Victor has created a line up of special and unique shows for those events that need to be remembered years to come! Victor also offers the option for you to customize your next show to fit your birthday party, valentines day event, and anything else you can think of!