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Cool, Calm, Collected, and Hilarious! Currently located in Kansas City, MO, and as seen in magazines as well as recent television appearances – Victor puts a stylish and modern take on the classic “magician/hypnotist” and creates illusions and acts to overjoy audiences across the nation. His unique take on classic entertainment along with his mastery of advanced sleight of hand, hypnosis, and parlor style stunts makes him one of the best in the business, making your event as unforgettable and hassle free as possible. He is an award-winning magician, author, comedian and hypnotist who merges his confident and cool, yet approachable and friendly personality effortlessly to his audiences to engage them on what is always a spectacular event!

Victor brings the style and atmosphere of a Las Vegas showroom to your event in a sophisticated comedy act performed for private events, cocktail parties, and corporations countless times across the nation. Victor specializes in clean comedy for professionals and tailors each event to the need of his clients. As a skilled sleight of hand artist he can be seen up close and personal with illusions that will have you questioning your thoughts on whether teleportation and mind reading are real. As a showman he can have you clutching your stomach in laughter and amazement with what he can do or even make your friends do! Our money back guarantee ensures every event is a success, and our devotion to professionalism ensures your entertainment will always be one less thing to worry about.